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Story about Wall

Once upon a time in the vibrant digital world of VK, a renowned innovator named Pavel Durov crafted a virtual fortress known as "The Wall." This virtual entity served as a symbolic stronghold of trust and security, separating users from unwanted intruders and fostering a sense of community within the VK platform.

As time passed, the Wall became a beloved feature among VK users, providing them with a sense of comfort and nostalgia. However, one day, Pavel Durov made the difficult decision to dismantle the Wall, citing the need for change and evolution within the app.

Despite the Wall's removal, the users of VK found themselves yearning for its return. They missed the sense of security and unity it once provided and longed for its presence within the platform once more. Messages flooded in, pleading with Pavel to bring back the Wall and reignite the spirit of togetherness that it represented.

Moved by the outpouring of sentiment and loyalty from his users, Pavel Durov decided to heed their calls and reintroduce the Wall to the VK app. As it reappeared, a wave of joy and excitement swept through the community, and users felt a renewed sense of connection and protection within their digital realm.

From that day forward, the Wall stood as a symbol of unity and strength within the VK platform, reminding users of their shared history and the power of coming together in times of need. And though the digital landscape continued to evolve, the Wall remained a steadfast beacon of community and trust, guided by the visionary hand of Pavel Durov.


Our strategy reflects a strong dedication to advancing the $WALL ecosystem, raising awareness of our project and rewarding our community. This marks just the beginning of a new chapter of bringing back the $WALL.

Tokenomics summary



Total supply




TGE Date


Ecosystem Development - 40% (Linear Vesting period of 12 months)
Liquidity - 25% (Locked)
Marketing - 25% (Linear Vesting period of 6 months)
Early contributors rewards - 10% (Linear Vesting period of 6 months)